Sociedad Colombiana de Matemáticas:Publicaciones
Lecturas Matemáticas
Volumen 30 [2] (2009)Páginas 73-85

O grupo de túnel: estendendo a noc˜ao de grupo de trancas

Resumen.Neste artigo construímos um grupo similar ao grupo de trancas de superfície que chamaremos de grupo de t´unel, seguindo a idéia dada em [12].

Abstract. Let M be an orientable surface. Motivated by [12], we construct a group, called the tunnel group of M, in a similar manner to the braid group of M. We exhibit some short exact sequences related to these groups, and also give an application to calculate the commensurator subgroups of the braid group BnD of the disc on n strings in the surface braid group BmM on m strings, where M is different from the sphere and n ≤ m.

Palabras claves. Tunnel, braid, surface, commensurator. 2000 AMS Mathematics Subject Classification. 20F36 - 20F38 - 57M99

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