Sociedad Colombiana de Matemáticas:Publicaciones
Revista Colombiana de Matemáticas
Volumen 31 [2] (1997)Páginas 109-114

On the co-completeness of the category of Hausdorff uniform spaces

Serafín Bautista Januario Varela
Universidad Nacional de Colombia, Bogotá, COLOMBIA

Abstract. A construction of colimits in the category of Hausdorff uniform spaces is carried out by means of a family of pseudometrics. Since this is not a topological category, its co-completeness can not be ensured by the standard procedures. A careful revision of the usual arguments is then required to this end.

Palabras claves. Hausdorff uniform spaces, colimits, co-completeness.

Codigo AMS. 1991 Primary 18A30. Secondary 18B99.

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